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Team BitzList



Rev Richard Bittleston

Richard Bittleston the author of X6 and BitzList software, worked as principal research scientist in the computer systems laboratories of the GEC research Group. His specialisations included networking, compiler design, database technologies and AI. As part of a team he pioneered Local Area Networking solutions and a fully operational Ethernet was in place only three months after the Xerox papers were released. This meant that experimentation on datamanagement accross networks was possible many years before it was to move to the centre stage of IT. Working with GEC and several universities, most especially the computer science teams at oxford and cambridge, several models for data synchronisation were prototyped. The principles of "differencing" (a technique by which the minimum information required to sychronise is determined) were developed along with some detailed studies into dynamic languages (languages which include the ability to generate their own code and infer rules). These are some of the ingredients that have found their way into X6. The early work led to a pan-company network funded by the EEC and Richard became the Technical Co-ordinator in an project spanning 8 of the largest european IT developers and producing one of the first implimentations of a business to business information Exchange. That Project has since provided considerable input into the standards process. He moved to take over software developments in several parts of GEC/Marconi Group and developed solutions across dozens of Projects He went freelance in 1990 and X6 evolved to address the needs of electronic catalogue design, document management and business to business applications including e-commerse.



Tim Bittleston EngTech MIMechE


Tim Bittleston has always had a passion for engineering. On leaving school he took a position at a local Sub Contract machining firm Crew & Saunders Engineering Ltd. He worked there developing skills he had primarily taught himself in his well equipped home workshop while still at school. With a background in manual machining learned over the 8 years of working from his home and employment at Crew and Saunders Tim was keen to start out on his own beliving that CNC was the way forward despite his employers lack of interest in the technology. He purchaced a CNC lathe in 2002 and formed Bittleston Ltd. Soon after, the first incarnation of BitzList was born as EMU engineering management utility. A system was required to help organise this growing sub-contract outfit. Bittleston Ltd went on to aquire the order book of Crew and Saunders Engineering Ltd and bought over Boxmoor Precision Engineeing a company involved mainly in the production of medical implants. All manor of new CNC machine tools where aquired and experienced gained through both the running of the company and the setting of machine tools from Star, Miyano, Mazak, Bridgeport, DMG, XYZ, Doosan, Jones and Shipman, Studer and so on. In 2009 Bittleston Ltd was sold to the PCT Group (manufacturer of Cranes and Hoists Based in Glasgow) for a consideration in shares as the directors saw an opportunity to gain first hand experience running the machine shop of an OEM. Tim has spent 6 years working on product design, design for manufacture, machining and manufacturing control for PCT and on the development of BitzList as their core manufacturing program. 



Paul Corley

Paul Corley is a qualified CNC setter of 30 years experience. An expert setter, he joined Tim as a director of Bittleston Ltd in 2003. He too has worked primerially in sub-contract engineering first at Curd & Green Engineering, one of the first small companies to buy CNC sliding head lathes, then as a charge hand at PB Sutton Engineering before becoming a Director of Bittleston Ltd in 2003. Paul has handled machine scheduling and setting for all the multiaxis lathes both at Bittleston Ltd and at PCT Group. Paul has carried out some of the real world testing of our systems and has been a key driver in determining what functionality the system needed to have to make it truly CNC Workshop friendly.  In 2009 Bittleston Ltd was sold to the PCT Group (manufacturer of Cranes and Hoists Based in Glasgow) for a consideration in shares as we saw an opportunity to gain first hand experience running the machine shop of an OEM. Paul has spent 6 years working on machining and manufacturing control for PCT and on the development of BitzList as their core manufacturing program. His experience in small subcontract engineering operations, running his own manufacturing company and running the manufacturing operation at PCT has driven the development of our product range.

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