The Shared Smart Factory

Over the past 17 years we have been developing the software technology required to run a connected "Smart" factory where systems, machines and people are brought together by computers in a way that maximises the potential of all resources. We are now looking to the future and the establishment of an exemplar facility built on a membership model. Members will enjoy the benefits of having their own manufacturing facility but with the advantages of shared capital, de-duplication, reduced risk and reduced waste by sharing the facility with industrial partners from different industry sectors through digital interfaces.  

Reduced Carbon Manufacturing: A shared facility will be a world class facility with stake holders demanding the best in safety, compliance, traceability, accountability, environmental responsibility and sustainability. Unlike the supply chain of today the shared smart factory will be unable to hide non compliance. By setting sights high inline with members expectations the facility will be built to maximise resource utilisation. This goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. Investment in low carbon manufacturing techniques and in sustainable energy supply to the facility are an essential element of the "smart" factory.

Shared Skills: People are at the heart of any organisation, none more so than the highly specialised and automated factories of the future. These specialised individuals are difficult to recruit and expensive to train. Sharing this resource with others reduces the cost per individual and ensures their specialism is used to maximum effect.

Increased Stability: Members would essentially be shareholders but with the condition that profits from work carried out at the smart factory are broken into capital expenditure and training allowances. Members would buy into the facility and could sell out of it. This model improves stability breaking away from the traditional one company facility that is at the mercy of that industrial sectors performance or that particular companies business plans. The retention of skills and equipment and the knowledge the facility should be ready for anything as members come and go ensures a continued drive for excellence and to remain a facility that companies want to share.    

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